Photo Stories

13-PS-347-Mrs Thatchers Funeral-102

The concept, creation and presentation of a photo story is not in my opinion something that should be done without an enormous amount of thought and planning. After all it is the story contained within the frames that is important and not necessarily the individual photographic image. In order to tell a story with at least some degree of authenticity and honesty there needs to be a narrative that connects and engages with the viewer, enabling them to make an informed decision based on the evidence one presents. The process is fraught with pitfalls and problems and in the case of Documentary Photography presumes the notion of ‘TRUTH’. One has to be, I believe, very careful when alluding to truth because it all depends on the viewpoint and perspective of the individual viewer/reader. I make no claim on TRUTH, but instead present my work and stories as an honest interpretation of how I reacted to the particular events and circumstances contained within my photo stories.


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