Wedding Moments #003

The Perils of Photoshop Whilst the digital magic of Photoshop can be so appealing and enticing it can have a sting in the tail if one is not careful . Some years ago I produced this composite image of a clients wedding “firework extravaganza” much to their delight and my artistic satisfaction. On seeing the […]

Wedding Moments #002

This is an image I made at a family wedding some years ago and despite some technical flaws I just love it, and there you have it the whole reason for photography, in my humble opinion. Its all about emotion and connecting with other experiences and sometimes the nuts and bolts of how the image […]

Two Grand Days

I  count myself truly lucky to be the father of two beautiful and delightful daughters and a wedding photographer to boot. Both bring me so much joy and delight and provide constant lessons for me. On Saturday I photographer my third wedding this years, Rachel & Nick Cooper were married at Woolton Hill church Newbury […]