Short Trip to London

This morning I had to pop into London to see a new client about the final arrangements for some fantastic work I’ll be doing for them very soon, its all a bit hush hush at the mo but I’ll be able to divulge the details  very soon. On the way back to the car with […]

Hold Your Breath…

There are times as a parent when you hold your breath for fear that your heart will shatter into a million pieces and the moment before you will be lost forever. Last night my eldest daughter Eleanor was sitting on the sofa watching Dr Who oblivious to the fact that her Dads heart was melting […]

Two Grand Days

I  count myself truly lucky to be the father of two beautiful and delightful daughters and a wedding photographer to boot. Both bring me so much joy and delight and provide constant lessons for me. On Saturday I photographer my third wedding this years, Rachel & Nick Cooper were married at Woolton Hill church Newbury […]

Just Doing It

These images were made as part of a teaching exercise I gave a young photographer I’m mentoring at the moment. I was speaking to her about the importance of the “STORY” element of an image and  if she wanted to become a documentary photographer the importance of how she needs to understand the story as […]

The First Snaps of Spring?

Tuesday the 8th was a glorious day for many reasons, seeing the first snow drops in our garden was one one of them. Although Spring isn’t officially here yet there is a promise in the air of  change with the evenings staying slightly lighter for longer and the appearance of these delicate yet beautiful flowers. […]