Monty Python Birthday Present and Treat.

Being a Dad especially to two such wonderful daughters in a constant pleasure for me but yesterday I had an extra little treat. It was my daughter Eleanor’s 14th Birthday and being as much a Monty Python freak as me I decided that her birthday pressie from me would be to go and see the great men perform at the O2 on her birthday. Words are not enough to explain my delight, joy and sheer excitement in taking her there and seeing my comic heroes perform. The day and performance was in every way magnificent and made all the better for sharing it with Ellie. Sometimes days just don’t get any better, thanks Ellie for being a wonderful daughter and for being my Monty Python partner and a huge thank you to all the Pythons for being so utterly brilliant as always.















2 thoughts on “Monty Python Birthday Present and Treat.

  1. You are a sheer delight and breath of fresh air. Please wish your special girl from us. Love The Chetty’s

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