Pictures on a Page – A new business partnership

It’s a great and very exciting day for me today, my friend Roger Allen has agreed to join forces with me and become business partner. Our new business ‘Pictures on a Page’  will concentrate on teaching photography in a number of very specific areas.
Roger and I both have a great passion for the photo story and we will be running several classes for one to six clients at a time taking them through the fundamentals of what is takes to make a great and meaningful photographic story. We intend to hold courses in the UK, Europe and US where we will take clients on fantastic photo adventures led by the two of us, highly experienced and talented photographers. Its all on the first run of the ladder but we will let you all know when the courses are ready and how you can become part of a inspirational and educational experience.

Roger Allen has been a press photographer for 42 years, starting at the age of 16 in the days of black and white film, at the age of 26 he then joined the first colour newspaper in the UK,Today, it was a steep learning curve for 3 years, he was asked to join the Daily Mirror which at the time was selling 4 million copies a day, during his 25 years on the staff he won the British Photographer of the Year twice, covered most of the major news stories ranging from the Romanian revolution to 3 tours of Afghanistan with the British forces. After leaving the paper 4 years ago he has become involved in photographing animal welfare features working with orangutangs in Borneo, bears in India, gorillas in Rwanda and elephants in Zambia mainly for the Daily Mail and other magazines and International Animal Rescue. I have known Roger for over twenty years and met him in the maelstrom of the Bosnian war, he is one of my most trusted and dearest friends and has always been a great inspiration to me, I’m going to love working with him as I know our clients will too.

Watch this space…


Roger Allen 02

Roger Allen Elephants

Elephant rescue in Zambia


Roger Allen 04


Roger Allen 03


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