A Ghost of Forgotten Innocence

I’m in the process of collating a lot of my “personal work” from my days as an Army Photographer for a body of work to be presented to the Imperial War Museum later this year. Its a bitter sweet experience and none more bitter and sad that this image.

It was taken nearly 20 years ago in July 1994 at a Children’s Hospital just outside the town of Fojnica north east of Sarajevo. A place where humanity was conveniently abandoned by all those who should have known better and protected these children but instead chose to be cowards and left them to the fate of evil men and women. Thanks to the Canadian and Danish UN forces as well as some British Army Medics some semblance of decency was restored to the lives of these oh so fragile children.

To all the War mongers and peddlers of hate and Nationalistic filth let the image of this innocent child sear itself onto your soul and be a daily reminder of what you have done and how we all find it more convenient to look the other way.

I do not know what happened to this fragile and delicate human being, but I do know there are many others like him, this very second in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine etc. etc. who are suffering thanks to our species lust for war and conflict!

“All we are saying is give peace a chance”… John Lennon

Mentally Handicapped Child - Fojnica Hospital

Mentally Handicapped Child – Fojnica Hospital

One thought on “A Ghost of Forgotten Innocence

  1. I was one of the UN Soldiers who worked at the hospital in Fojnica, your photograph brings back so many memories

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