A Narrow Patch of Sky

As a photographer I have always had something to say with my images but of late I have found it more than a little difficult to find my visual voice. It’s a very difficult concept to adequately articulate to oneself let alone the big wide world out there but for me the need to have something to say has always been paramount. So what does one do when the message you are so desperate to articulate is either missing or so elusive that you run the risk of going crazy looking for it? Well for me the answer has proved to be so simple despite it taking me ages to see what is so clear and obvious, just make images…

‘A Narrow Patch of Sky’ is a continuing series of images made of the sky and horizon roughly between 100 and 160 degrees east to south east from my front door. It is what it is and the meaning of the individual images are personal to me but the real importance of the work lies not in the manner of production but in the act of making and showing the images. What I find exciting is the prospect of “what may be” and a reminder of just how unique each view, day and moment truly is. This initial post will consist of two images from two very different days, all other post will be on a daily basis and consist of one image taken from those made in the 24hour period between 0659 and 0700.

I came across these words on the website of a truly brilliant Hungarian photographer Zoltan Vancso, which sum up so eloquently what I’m attempting to do…

“We would be unable  to live if we did not deem important that which has no importance whatsoever” (E.M. Ciotan)

17th January 2012 08:50

20th February 2012 07:56

What really caught my eye with this image was the finest sliver of moon visible just before the sun rose, it was an all too fleeting moment.

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