Our Wonderful Royal Wedding Day

Today will undoubtedly be remembered as a wonderfully fun family day spent together watching the glorious Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Katherine. We all went round to Nicolas parents house in Boxford at 08:30 for a great English breakfast and then glued ourselves to the television to watch the unfolding spectacle. What a […]


The memorial ceremony held at 5am on the 25th April to commemorate the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women since the notorious battle at GallipoliĀ  in the First World War. It was a very thoughtful and poignant ceremony made all the more special when one realised that all the traffic around Hyde […]

Two Grand Days

IĀ  count myself truly lucky to be the father of two beautiful and delightful daughters and a wedding photographer to boot. Both bring me so much joy and delight and provide constant lessons for me. On Saturday I photographer my third wedding this years, Rachel & Nick Cooper were married at Woolton Hill church Newbury […]